Backup & Disaster Protection

Two Fish Technology has partnered with the best providers in Data Security, On and Off-Site backups, and Disaster Recovery solutions to make sure you are always safe and your data is recoverable.

Cloud Backup

Easily backup your important data to the cloud. This enables you to recover and access your data in almost any disaster situation. The downside to traditional Copy-Paste type backups is that you have to restore individual files from the cloud, which can take time and increase cost due to lack of productivity. This leaves cloud storage as the most affordable solution to secure your data. It’s particularly useful for most small companies who don’t have an on-premise server.

Disaster Recovery & Prevention

Your data is secured with a local device dedicated to backing up and uploading your data to the cloud. This backup is not just copy-paste; you get image-based backups and can run all your systems off the local device in case of hardware failure.

Your data is secured off-site as well as locally, so you don’t have to worry about malware or ransomware; each backup is independent, and constantly being monitored for malicious activity.

Even more, your content undergoes quarterly disaster recovery testing. This sort of backup plan is vital for companies with a local server or domain controller, or any hardware that is vital to their operation.

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