Do I really need a cybersecurity plan?

The short and quick answer is yes; there are more threats than there have ever been for anyone who has an online presence. If any of the following are true, it is even more critical (and sometimes legally necessary) that you protect your own data and that of your website visitors: You accept online payments; You store user data on your website; Your company keeps and/or accesses medical records; You download files from external sources often; You work from a variety of locations and/or access multiple networks; your income is dependent on a website or online presence.

Every company requires a different security protocol, but using Tango7—the centerpiece of TwoFish Tech’s security offerings—you can protect yourself and your company from bad actors known and novel.

How is Tango7 different from any other AI development platform?

Tango7 Security protects you more thoroughly and effectively than other solutions in several ways. It learns and records new threats in real time (not relying on lists of known threats), it analyzes patterns in individual user activity and network traffic to detect and alert you to abnormal activity, and it protects your data without ever needing itself (Tango7) or TwoFish to see or know anything about your data or activity.

What is AI’s role in implementing cyber-security solutions.

There have been cyber threats as long as the internet has existed, but the number and sophistication level of these threats is higher than ever. With the advent of AI in computing, you can be sure that bad actors are trying to use it for nefarious purposes. To stop this activity, we must use even more powerful machine learning to stay ahead of emerging threats. It’s simply not feasible to wait until you’ve been hit by malware to respond to it; we instead have to use AI to detect, isolate and respond to threats in real time. This Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) is exactly what Tango7 is used for.

Am I vulnerable to a cyber attack?

As mostly everyone uses a smart phone, uses the internet for work, browses social media, uses online banking, or otherwise has a digital footprint, we are all vulnerable to a certain degree. But there are lots of things you can do to minimize this risk: using strong passwords and not sharing them, avoiding downloads from untrustworthy sites, not clicking on links from unsolicited messages, and generally being deliberate about what information you choose to share.

Does TwoFish or Tango7 see, use or sell my personal data?

No. Tango7, our security client, doesn’t interpret your data (nor does it need to) in order to know whether incoming data contains a threat; it uses real-time machine learning and pattern recognition instead. It sees your data as 0’s and 1’s, not words and images.

Why should I invest in professional design?

Our assumption is that you’re an expert in your field, and you have something valuable to offer. The point of hiring pros to handle your design is that it lets you keep your focus on doing what you do while having a memorable, consistent and professional brand. It’s not just about having a cool logo or a sleek website; a well-handled brand helps instill confidence in your company, ensures your customers know what makes you unique, helps draw in new customer, and saves you time and money for the life of your company. Click here for more details.

What should I expect if I need help with branding or media?

First things first, we’d like to have a lunch or coffee with you and get to know you a little. We’ll talk about what you do as a company, what kind of help you need and start to brainstorm that best ways we can achieve it. We’ll establish a solid timeline and a breakdown of everything we need to produce and what we’ll need from you. We’ll then begin to create the things you need, whether it’s a logo, a website, an advertising campaign, hats, shirts, or all of it, keeping a running dialogue to ensure your happy with the work. Then we’ll  make sure that we have a plan moving forward, whether that’s simply providing guidance or entering a regular service agreement with you. Learn more about our process.

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