We’re always excited to help a growing business reach their full potential. To give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve laid out some of the basic steps of our creative process.

  • Coffee and a Chat
    First, we’d love to take you out for breakfast or coffee. You can tell us who you are, what you’re working on, and why you have come to us and we’ll tell you about ourselves. We’ll probably ask who you want to be as a company, and what it is that you value. We like to keep this informal but it is no formality. We want to get to know one another to ensure our partnership is a successful and enjoyable one.
  • Defining Our Roles
    We understand that you bring a certain expertise and skill set to the table and that your knowledge can make our lives easier; similarly our grasp of design and marketing can make your life easier. We’ll employ in-person meetings, informal focus groups, surveys, questionnaires and anything else we need to find out how we can best divide our time to ensure our efforts are deployed in the most effective and efficient manner.
  • Finding Your Voice
    You do what you do because it fills a void, and that makes you unique. So let’s make sure the unique and authentic you shines through in a way that people understand. Before we make decisions about visuals, consider how you sound: Sarcastic, silly, dry, serious? Why do customers keep coming back to you? Your great customer service? Your expertise? Your unique approach? Something quirky or more specific? These things will determine the complexity of your logo, the structure of your website, the tone of your copywriting and more.
  • Setting Goals
    Once we understand what drives you and who you want to influence, we need to set some goals. This includes defining exactly what you need conceptually (ideas for a name, logo sketches) and tangibly (an e-commerce website and 4 tri-fold brochures). Setting specific, manageable goals and timeframes will keep us both accountable and focused on getting the job done right.
  • Crafting Your Image
    Now comes the part we’ve been waiting for: discovering what you look like. This usually starts with gathering images, videos and materials that inspire you, and a whole lot of sketching on our part to narrow down what best captures you. The creation phase can involve making logos, brochures, websites, videos, posters, custom fonts, hats, t-shirts or a re-imagination of any of these. But the goal is always communication to move people into action. We understand you didn’t spend your time and money on some pretty pictures.
  • Keeping it Consistent
    We’ll set you up with the instructions, templates and guidance you need to keep your in-house work consistent and on brand. But since it’s impossible to know exactly how your needs will evolve over time, we’ll keep a running dialogue with you. When possible, we like to set up annual service agreements with our customers; this allows us to be as responsive and efficient as possible, it saves you money, and it maintains the integrity of your brand.
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