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With our simple, no-mystery branding package we provide everything needed to launch your brand and make a great impression. Let’s Get Started!

Your logo starter package includes:

  • Brand Evaluation

    Each project starts with a clear discussion of “why.” Rather than make arbitrary changes, we’ll take inventory of what your brand has going for it already and how it needs to evolve.

    Mood Board

    If we’re creating a logo from scratch, we’ll dive deep into your story to find something memorable and visually exciting. If we’re re-working an old logo, we won’t pretend it never existed but instead find what is worth saving and give it new focus and great execution. If there’s a visual motif that’s important to your company, we’ll try our best to integrate it cleverly.

    This discovery phase involves sketching, mood boards, sketching, questions, and more sketching. Prepare to give examples of designs you love and some that you despise in order to sharpen our focus.

  • Versatile Logo System

    We’ll create a variety of logo options and select a few that work best. Whether you need something large, small, in one color, or in twenty colors, we’ve got you covered.

    Logo Variations

    A nice logo is great to have, but you don’t have to always use the same color or logo combination to maintain your brand. In fact, that is a super boring approach. What’s better is a system of logos and symbols that all represent your brand equally and interchangably. This system ensures you have options no matter the orientation, size or media. You’ll get a strong primary logo to use on your more corporate materials, for embroidery, and for cases where more colors equals higher cost. You’ll get a horizontal version, a stacked version, and simplified versions for adapting to screen sizes. For swag or promotional materials you’ll get a badge and other alternates that are more expressive.

  • Detailed Style Guide

    We’ll give you all the foundational brand details like fonts and colors and show how to keep things consistent through image style, text size and color suggestions.

    Style Guide

    The easiest way to strengthen your brand is to be consistent. Your style guide will help keep your website cohesive with your signage, and your business cards in sync with your storefront. Not only does this make you look professional but it saves you a ton of effort and time. And following a detailed style guide lets you mix things up and keep it fresh while remaining true to your identity.

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* Price only valid when added to a logo package. This is a fully custom site made to spec, not a pre-fab website. ** Price is for one custom graphic to be used on shirts, hats, cups or signage. *** Price is for a set of 250 full-color business cards design and printed.

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